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Apartment Features

Apartment Features

Stainless Steel Appliances
Granite Countertops
Wood Style Flooring
Shower/Tub Combo

Community Amenities

Furniture Included
Internet Included

In Unit Washer & Dryer
Private Attached Bathrooms

Furniture Amenities

Apartment Features

Bedframe, Headboard & Mattress
Dual Occupancy Beds
Stackable Dressers
Night Stand
Desk Chair

Apartment Features

Sectional Sofa
Coffee table set
Accent Chair
50” TV with TV console
Bar stools

Apartment Features


Fully Furnished

Feel at Home

Full-Sized Bed
Memory Foam Mattress
Floating Night Stand
Two Stackable + Moveable
Under-Bed Dressers
Wardrobe Storage*
Smart Desk With USB Study
Outlets + Task Chair*
Faux-Leather Sectional Sofa*
Faux-Leather Loveseat*
Barstool Kitchen Seating*
Living Room Accent Chair
Wood Coffee Table
Entertainment Console
Moveable C-Table